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The Ben and Jake Connolly Trust

We are fundraising to build Ben and Jake a house in the name of The Ben and Jake Connolly Trust. Despite the fact that Jake passed away in January, 2016, we are now more determined than ever to make this dream a reality in memory of Jake. His big brother Ben deserves this.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that Ben will join his brother. When this time comes, the house will pass back to the Trust and be made available for another family in our community whose child or children have special needs. Quite simply, this house will be a home that keeps on giving.

The house needs to be built fully adapted and functioning centered around the needs of children such as Ben as he is totally incapacitated. The house has been designed in such as way that Ben will have full access to the whole house, have the current and future medical aids (ceiling hoists, oxygen etc) and space for his vast amount of medical supplies (feeding tube equipment, syringes etc along with back up mobile hoist), a wet room for washing and changing Ben, adequate room for his bed, specialised chairs, and a full sensory room.

As of December, 2016 the house is now becoming a reality! See our latest pictures below which we took in June, 2017. We are so excited. Whilst we are still a long way off our fundraising target, it is simply super to see this progress and it is all down to you: the people who support us and follow our cause. THANK YOU!!

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