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Only with your help can we build this home for Ben & future generations of families.

How can you help?:

We have had a site kindly donated. We have have the windows in, the roof on, some painting done, some tiling too!! Yipee! It's getting exciting around here but we need LOTS MORE HELP!!

-Although work has now begun on the house, we do not have all the funds necessary to complete it but we are counting on the generosity of people to make it a reality. We will be putting out a call for builder's providers, medical device suppliers etc. We hope they will come on board.

 - By donating (details on our Donate page). Every little helps big or small - any help at all no matter how little will help our cause.

- By organising your own fundraising event for us - we will try help or advise where ever we can.

- Getting married? - make a donation through wedding favours for the Trust - (let us know in advance so we can provide cards for your tables)

- Do you own a business? Could you offer a product or service ? - we are always looking for products for raffles for the Trust.

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