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Jake was our second beautiful boy. Just last year, Jake got to meet his new brother Billy. Billy brought joy and sunshine into his older brothers' lives. But the joy was short-lived when, in January 2016, Jake sadly passed away. The grief of the family is inexpressible. Like his older brother, Jake loved interaction and would throw you a cheeky smile when you talked to him. He especially loved when you talked to him softly. He adored being held upright so he could stand on your knee - he would eventually get a bit wobbly and his muscles give way but he enjoyed the chance to view the world from this "strange" vantage point. He loved music; anything from Disney's 'Everybody Wants to be a Cat' to Ed Sheeran. Great taste!

Due to his illness, he did become very irritable at times. His seizures interrupted his sleep and like us all, he would get grumpy and unsettled. Unfortunately, this brain irritation became a major issue and his wonderful medical team were unable to work their magic.

We lost our beautiful Jakey on January 22nd, 2016 aged two. A light has gone out in our hearts but we must remain strong for Ben and Billy. We miss Jakey every second of every minute of every day. This pain will never pass but has made us more determined than ever to give Ben the joy, comfort and peace that a new, fully-equipped, state-of-the-art home would bring. 

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